Dr Sonja Dragojlovic-Oliveira

To feel, to sense, to encounter...infrastructures of being are in desperate need for a new design language that embodies complexity and interdependence in equitable, inspiring and meaningful ways ’

Sonja Oliveira is an architect and Professor in Architecture and Sustainability Innovation at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. She has over 20 years internationally leading design innovation and research experience in the architecture and sustainability sector, having led delivery of complex multidisciplinary projects ranging in value from £200k-£29mil in the UK and internationally. She has an established international reputation in socio-spatial intelligent energy governance and climate action thought leadership. Her most recent work is looking at how we use imagination and visual socio-spatial sense making to develop new forms of communicating collective resource use – energy, water, air, land across diverse designed environments and habitats- both physical and digital. Sonja works mostly across disciplines at the nexus of architecture, design, socio-spatial methods and computation to develop and experiments with new forms of communicating sustaining life. She founded the Radical Architecture Practice for Sustainability initiative with leading design practitioners and researchers in Sweden, the Netherlands, Portugal, Austria and France. She is a Thought Leadership Specialist Advisor to the Design Council  and a board member of the World Green Building Council (Serbia), as well as scientific and industry advisory member of numerous scientific committees including the newly launched New European Bauhaus Collective. Currently, Sonja is leading delivery of multiple research and innovation projects aiming to transform interrelated energy governance systems to account for complex multi-phenomenon and multi-scale interconnected encounters between humans, nonhumans, spatial, socio-technological and environmental dimensions of everyday life. Her recent work carried out for accelerating design innovation capability and capacity for socially responsible net-zero housing delivery was  selected for the UK House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee’s report and presented as invited keynote at the Westminster Social Forum.

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