Dr Sonja Dragojlovic-Oliveira

I believe in an action led knowledge exchange approach to accelerate sustainable outcomes in the design environment.

Dr Sonja Dragojlovic-Oliveira is an architect and sustainable design innovation strategist. Curently she is an Associate Professor of Design Innovation and Sustainability at UWE, an honorary lecturer at UCL and a visiting lecturer at a number of architecture schools across Europe. She is internationally recognized for her work on socio spatial energy behaviour and radical design innovation, where her recent contributions include identification of socio-spatial impacts on energy behaviour in domestic environments, need for multi-layered design and social innovation in housing and energy modelling integration in architecture.

Associate Prof. Oliveira has over 20 years innovation experience in the sustainability and design sector as a senior manager and principal consultant having led delivery of complex multidisciplinary projects ranging in value from £200k-£29mil in the UK and internationally. She also recently edited the Energy Modelling in Architecture, A practice Guide (RIBA, 2020), initiated the Radical Architecture Practice for Sustainability working group via ARENA and developed research challenge response for SHAPE Energy. She is a board member of the World Green Building Council (Serbia), a scientific and industry advisory member of numerous scientific committees and is currently researching a new residential energy code for India [EPSRC RESIDE] and lead investigator on the smart energy evaluation work on the REPLICATE project.

Her research and innovation practice focuses primarily on experimenting and exploring the socio-spatial effects on peoples’ use of energy through buildings and technologies using visual methods. She is a firm believer in an action led knowledge exchange approach to accelerating sustainable outcomes in the design environment.

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