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Bristol 2021

Overall Conference theme: Radicality

Our first conference in autumn 2021 in Bristol on 'Radicality' aims to explore, imagine and radically shift conceptualisations of architecture practice for sustainability. Our premise comes from our interest in understanding how we get to and overcome ‘the root of something’ and how radical architecture can manifest and thrive in its multiple and many modes that shift current dominant paradigms of evidence based and quantifiable measures to deliver sustainable outcomes. A radical approach specifically aims to uncover root causes as opposed to surface explanations, viewing ecological problems as rooted primarily in socio-political notions of nature, multispecies activity and needs, building and not building, activating and resisting as well as entangling.

RAPS Bristol 2021 invites a range of submission formats including papers, performances, exhibition, film and more that will encourage and captivate discussion and debate on below themes. The 2021 themes coalesce around the key question of how architecture and architects could accelerate and meaningfully inhabit and embody a radical, effective and new experimental set of approaches that move beyond the status quo, that challenge dominant paradigms, that offer new perspectives into practices for sustainability.

We are excited to be joined by radical visionaries including Malene Natascha Ratcliffe (CEO, SUPERFLEX) and Maarten Gielen (Rotor) who will be reflecting upon their own human and non-human multi spatial modalities and radical environmental approaches to design (in the case of SUPERFLEX) and a cooperative material design practice for a radical organisation of the material environment we inhabit, in the case of ROTOR.
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Conference Registration: closing 14th Sept.2021

Register here:
RAPS Bristol Online Conference

Conference date and location: 17th & 18th September 2021 via zoom

Conference Keynotes:

Malene Natascha Ratcliffe is the CEO of SUPERFLEX. SUPERFLEX was founded in 1993 by Jakob Fenger, Bjørnstjerne Christiansen, and Rasmus Rosengren Nielsen. Conceived as an expanded collective, SUPERFLEX has consistently worked with a wide variety of collaborators, from gardeners to engineers to audience members. Engaging with alternative models for the creation of social and economic organisation, works have taken the form of energy systems, beverages, sculptures, copies, hypnosis sessions, infrastructure, paintings, plant nurseries, contracts, and public spaces. Working in and outside the physical location of the exhibition space, SUPERFLEX has been engaged in major public space projects since their award-winning Superkilen opened in 2011. These projects often involve participation, involving the input of local communities, specialists, and children. Taking the idea of collaboration even further, recent works have involved soliciting the participation of other species. SUPERFLEX has been developing a new kind of urbanism that includes the perspectives of plants and animals, aiming to move society towards interspecies living. For SUPERFLEX, the best idea might come from a fish.

Maarten Gielen is an award-winning, Brussels-based designer and researcher, and a leading practitioner in changing the way materials are used in architecture and construction engineering. This endeavour is made possible through the collective Rotor—a cooperative design practice that investigates the organisation of the material environment with the aim of helping designers salvage building produce to reduce waste.Maarten Gielen co-founded Rotor in 2006, where he currently works as a designer, researcher and manager. Drawing on a 10-year experience in deconstruction, logistics, architecture & building design with used materials, Maarten currently manages the spin-off Rotor DC (Deconstruction), which he co-founded in 2014. Maarten played a key role in most exhibitions and publications that Rotor produced such as Deutschland Im Herbst (DE, 2008), Usus/Usuresfor the Belgian pavilion at the 2010 Venice Biennale (IT), Ex-Limbo for the Fondazione Prada in Milan (IT, 2011), OMA/Progress, on the work of OMA/Rem Koolhaas at the Barbican Art Gallery in London (UK, 2011), and Behind the Green Door for the 2013 Oslo Architecture Triennale (NO).


Friday 17th Sept.2021

Session 1 Green Dream A 1030 -1245
** Jenkins et al_The urban amethyst:  Architectural and energetic potentials of symbiotic vertical farms
Featherstone et al_Velocity: Growing  Villages Differently
** Zhong_Not Simply Green-The State of Practice of Nature by Design
** Terry_Decolonising  through Carbon59: **Betancour&Vesterlund_Green Imaginaries: Exploring the  relationship between nature and culture
**Whitehouse_Pteridomania-A study of  circular living and reciprocal structures inspired by ferns
**Boris&Michelsen_Small scale  interventions as catalysis for radical transformation in Bedsted

Session 2 NOT Building 1030 -1245:
**Medici and Cavallo_Circular  Architecture of Degrowth
**Greub_Land art as agent for Not  building
**Lovesmith_Libraries reclaimed-A  radical experiment empowering service users as creative agents
**Pinsent_Fashioning the  waste climate

Session 3 Ecological Entaglements 1430-1645
**Crociani et al_Architecture on the  Couch: Exploring the psychology of the architectural assemblage as a radical  reconceptualisation of how it may be sustained
**Hortal_A Rural Land based on  Faulkner’s tales and Mockbee's standards unveiled by tetralemmas,empathic writings & stereographs
**Cascone_African Offgrid Housing11: Watson_A Radical Near-Future  Vision: The Home of 2030
**Oliveira et al_SocioSpatial  Technology encounters-your home to mine
**Hopewell_Suburbia and Sympoetic  Tangling
**Grimes and Davis_The Black  Metropolis, ecological Speculation and the Radical Black Tradition
**Lavaf&Meraz_Architectural Form and  environment through the lens of integral theory

Session 4 Green Dream B 1430-1645

**Marco et al_The enforced lockdown  experience of architects-Exploration of resilient design considerations post  Covid19
**Chiganze_Dreaming of biodiversity  net Gain- How geo-centric celtic belief systems can be applied within Bristol
**Koch_ Beyond Gravity -  Towards a manifesto for the framework of virtualarchitecture  
**Granta_Pure Bristol-A new  framework for Europe
**Ness_Rebalancing built resources to  match global needs
**Hannurkar et  al_Investigating the impact of digital fabrication on the use of biobased  materials in building andconstruction industry.
**Rawlinson et al_Shifting  Gear-Realising the Walking and Cycling City

Saturday 18th Sept.2021

Session 5 Architect as Activist in Practice 1030-1245
**Buck et al., Lessons from R-Urban Poplar:  Eco-Prototyping as activist practice
**Brooks_Should Extinction Rebellion  Give It Arrest? Does their theory of system change need to evolve?
**Zannotto_Learning  from Global Tools. A Radical Approach to Sustainable Design
**Chapman and Roberts_Contrapiano  [counterplan]: architecture, politics and radicality in the Italian  neo-avant-garde
**Elarji_Minor modes of initiating  environmental care: the cases of the floating university Berlin and Agrocité  Paris.
**Smits_Towards an agile built  environment

Session 6 Architect as Activist in Education 1030-1245
**Jones et al.,  Educating activist practitioners: A case study of regenerative design on a UK  High Street
**Spencer_Climate Studio Sessions:  reformatting lecture structure to increase human interaction in the new-normal digital world
**Nan_Sustainability  and Global Entangled Complexities. Reexamining a profession. 
**Sara_The  Extinction Rebellion Architecture Studio: Architecture Education as Activism
**Kalakoski_Radical Repair: Exploring  Alternative Heritage Practices with Architecture Students

Session 7 Utopian Realism 1030-1245
**Agyin_Green Paranoia: The  Sustainable U(dys)topia of Post-sapiens
**Kemal_ How will  decisions we make today manifest themselves tomorrow?
**Aernouts_ Visualising  cities of 205039: **Adamo_Welcome to Belmondo
**Galley_Changed Lands – How can the creation of  imagined places voice our individual and collective hopes, fears, and  requirements for future urban and rural spaces? 
**Windsor_MISSION  ASTRAEA-Trawling for treasure in the celestial sea

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